AirDrink - importer DrinkableAir® France - Who are we?

AirDrink, launched by PGSOFT aims to promote access to safe drinking water in a number of ways. One of the selected technologies is called the "Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs)" which are presented on this site

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Our Goal

Participating in universal access to safe drinking water

To enable consumers to obtain purified drinking water of high quality, but economical, regardless of their geographical location or economic conditions.

    • Quality products, manufactured in the USA, by one of the leaders in the field

    • Serving the consumer

  • A 5% redistribution commitment to an association that promotes access to water


Our Strategy

Starting from the European market and gradually reaching more and more areas of tension.

Distributing new water access solutions in Europe is interesting, but not yet essential. We plan to expand our offer to places where it becomes urgent, even vital.


Application Domains

  • Offices, Habitat, Hotels

  • Yachts, Navigation

  • Humanitarian, sites in tension with access to water

  • Oil rigs