The Atmosphéric Water Generator (AWG), how does it work ?

Atmospheric water generators represent an incredible technological breakthrough. These machines create pure, fresh drinking water from the air we breathe by condensation process.

The efficiency of AWGs is a function of humidity and temperature; This means that the higher the humidity in the atmosphere, the more water the machine will produce. Humidity is part of the earth's hydrological cycle. The water produced by the AWG converting the humidity in the air into water does not contain any contaminants, bacteria or other microorganisms.


  1. The Drinkable Air AWG first pulls air through an electrostatic filter, removing 99% of all air born particles

  2. A condensation unit receives this clean humid airflow and condenses water vapor into liquid.

  3. As the machine collects the water, it drops into a collection tank where it is immediately Ozonised to kill all bacterial contaminates.

  4. The water is continuously pumped through a granulated activated carbon (GAC) filter and then through a final cartridge that adds minerals back to the water to increase the pH to a target level of 7.4-7.6.


Our purification system is a process that uses the significant advantages of ozone to make the water the purest and healthiest on the planet. Our purification process begins with an electrostatic air filter that removes air borne particles down to 1/1,000th of a micron, ozonation and a final filtration process utilizing granulated activated carbon.

We do not use Ultraviolet lamps or Reverse Osmosis membranes.


We believe the ozone process is superior to Reverse Osmose and UV light purification:

·         Ozone is primarily a disinfectant that effectively kills all biological contaminants.

·         Ozone also oxidizes and precipitates iron, sulfur, and manganese so they can be filtered out of solution.

·         Ozone will oxidize and break down many organic chemicals including many that cause odor and taste problems.

·         Ozonation produces no taste or odor in the water. Since ozone is made of oxygen and reverts to pure oxygen, it vanishes without a trace once it has been used.

·         The system requires no replacement of the ozone engine. It is a fixed component in the Drinkable Air System

·         The extra oxygen molecule that is created from the ozone process is highly unstable which means its active life is maybe 15 minutes once the water is dispensed. This highly oxygenated water is very beneficial