A few key figures show us the importance of access to drinking water, and it is in this context that we have decided to act and provide solutions whose resource (Air to produce water) is unlimited:
1/3 of the world's population does not have access to drinking water in their own homes.
3.6 billion people in the world live in areas where water is scarce at least one month a year.
50% of the world population will be living in water-stressed areas by 2025.
361,000 children under-fives die each year from diarrhea related to undrinkable water.

AIRDRINK solutions meet several of the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations for 2030, such as :
- Access to drinking water
- Sustainability
- Reducing single-use plastic

Our Mission is to provide access to a quality drinking waterThis is a low-cost, sustainable solution in places where there is no access to water or energy.