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Frequently asked questions

Our Mission is to provide access to quality drinking water, at low cost, in a sustainable manner and in places where there is no access to water or energy.

It sounds too good to be true - do these machines really produce water from air?

Our units generate fresh, mineralized drinking water from air humidity - zero toxins and zero by-products. Our machines are stocked in France and are not prototypes. With the exception of the C3 model, the other models in the range have all been in existence for more than 10 years and are constantly being improved.

With so much pollution in the air, is the water in the Airdrink Generator really safe to drink?

Yes, our water is of the highest quality - air pollution has no impact on the quality and cleanliness of our water. The water is pure to begin with because it is in our atmosphere in the form of water vapor and is then condensed from gas to liquid. The water vapor is drawn through an air filter before being treated with ozone, infused with essential minerals and made clean and healthy with a truly refreshing taste.

Doesn't extracting moisture from the air harm the atmosphere?
The atmosphere is constantly replenished by water that evaporates into the air en masse and does not dry out. In fact, the Airdrink Generator has much less impact on the environment because it does not tap into groundwater and other fresh water resources that are in relatively short supply and at risk of being depleted or contaminated.

How can I buy an AirDrink / DrinkableAir machine?

For the C3 you can pre-order it until it is released directly on the site. For the other models, contact us and we will give you a quote as soon as possible.

What are the advantages of atmospheric water produced by an Airdrink Generator?

Using our units puts your health and the health of our planet first by avoiding harmful drinking water contaminants and single-use plastics.
Our units offer the advantage of producing high quality water close to the place of consumption and in a sustainable way.

Why should I switch to Airdrink atmospheric water? What's wrong with the tap water or bottled water I currently use?
Tap water is known to contain contaminants in some cases that can have adverse health effects. In addition, bottled water introduces new contaminants into the water from the chemicals involved in the packaging process as well as the plastic itself. Minimizing the use of tap water and bottled water is a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

How are bacteria eliminated when water is stored for weeks?

The water generated by our units uses an ozone treatment process and is infused with essential minerals - magnesium and calcium - to produce alkaline water with a stabilized pH of 7.6 to 8.1.

What is the maintenance process? Who does it and how often is it needed?

Airdrink Generators use filters to manage water quality and require periodic replacement every 4 to 6 months (depending on the quality of the ambient air and the amount of water used). There is an air filter upstream of the vacuum system, and there are two water filters that treat and infuse the water with essential minerals. Maintenance is minimal - changing the filters is as easy as changing a light bulb.
Please see the unit information on C3 and C8 for more details.
Please visit the Products section to purchase filters.
Please contact us for any further questions

Do you deliver worldwide?
We prefer to deliver to countries where we can provide maintenance through a local distributor. But if you are very interested, we can deliver under special conditions to be studied together.

How is your machine different from a dehumidifier? Does it mineralize the water?
In terms of water creation, Airdrink machines have a number of similarities to dehumidifiers. But when you get into the details, there are a lot of differences that make the comparison inaccurate. Airdrink machines produce potable water. This means that we have chosen components that are suitable for contact with drinking water and have implemented multiple filtration and mineralization processes.

Finally, intelligent electronics ensure that you don't have to worry about anything: when the tank is full, the machine stops producing water, and as soon as you use it, it starts to produce water again. Finally, at regular intervals, our patented enviroguard ozone device ensures that no bacteria appear.

Does the water contain fluoride?

No, our units generate water that is free of toxins and contaminants - no fluoride or chlorine is used in our AWG process.

Are there any limits to the functionality of the units?
Airdrink Solutions require a power source to operate - power outlets, generators and solar systems will work as long as they provide the necessary energy requirements for each unit. In addition, our units require a minimum relative humidity level of 35% to produce efficiently.
Please see the unit information on C3 and C8 for more details.

What is the price of the water produced?
The cost of the water produced depends mainly on the electricity rate and the climatic conditions. The cost price per liter of water will therefore depend mainly on the location of the site. But in general, our water will be 20 to 30% cheaper than bottled mineral water (calculation that includes the cost of acquisition and maintenance of the machine, electricity), and even more if the solutions are based on photovoltaic energy